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Not enough hours in the day? Need help with the little tasks?

Virtual Assistant in Essex

It’s a tough job running and managing a business and small business owners are overwhelmed with numerous challenges they face on a daily basis. You need to juggle to fit in countless meetings, appointments, conferences and calls, as well as trying to keep on top of the growing mountain of paperwork on your desk, and emails that just keep coming. Not all of these are time consuming, nor complex, but there are times when the amount of ‘stuff to do’ can become too much.

Your to-do list is still growing, deadlines are looming, and you’re so busy providing your clients with the service they expect and deserve, you can’t imagine the luxury of having time to actually focus on advancing your own business. And then what happens? The sensible approach to time-management disappears completely! With multiple projects on the go, it is easy to let things get on top of you. You might be forced to make some room in your schedule and this might mean passing on tasks to others.

You know you need help, but you also know you don’t want to take on an employee with all the costs that come attached to that.

Look no further – let me help you…

I can simplify your working day and make your life a whole lot easier.

It makes financial sense to outsource tasks that are taking up too much of your own billable hours, or tasks that you simply don’t want to do. Let me help you with the small jobs that give you headaches, and sleepless nights, and give yourself more time to run and grow your business.

My name is Victoria Hall and I’m a passionate, hardworking Virtual Assistant who provides remote business support to all types of businesses, no matter what size, and I’m also happy to help with any administrative tasks, or errands, that may be required throughout the home too. With the ability to balance multiple tasks, and a complex workload, I can provide you with more time back in your day to do what you do best.

If you would benefit from the help and support of a Virtual Assistant, please talk to me today.

Services I can help you with

With years of experience, I am able to help you with everything that a secretary or personal assistant can do, in both business and personal matters, however you won’t need to pay out for the extra office space for me.

If you don’t see a service listed, then please contact me to see if it’s something I can do (I usually can!) or to see if I can refer you to a more suitable VA.



Why people work with me


I am quick, focused and have 12 years of experience – I know that my clients’ time is valuable, and my efficiency saves them time and money


I am exceptionally organised and can multi-task easily. I’m a great problem solver and work well with tight deadlines


You won’t have to pay out for additional office space, equipment, recruitment fees, sickness and maternity pay, tax or NI


I have Director/Executive level PA and EA experience and therefore know how to manage all types of leaders


I am trustworthy, reliable, will always keep my clients updated on the status of their work, and you will only pay for the time that you need admin support


You will have peace of mind that all your tasks are completed professionally, thoroughly, correctly and on time!

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